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Earrings - Fashionable Delicacy A single earring weighing 2.8 grams, with a length of 34mm and a width of 10mm. Fashionably delicate in design, light yet elegant. Let each wear be a showcase of unique style.

Necklace - Radiant Charm 17 inches in length, with a total weight of 28 grams. The necklace pendant is adorned with round brilliant-cut white cubic zirconia of 3mm and 4mm, as well as pear-cut cubic zirconia of 710mm and 813mm. Each gemstone sparkles with a unique brilliance, adding radiant charm to your neckline.

Jewelry Set #44

SKU: WD044
Only 1 left in stock
  • Earrings:

    A single Earring 2.8g

    Size Length 34mm, width 10mm



    17”, 28g

    Round brilliant cut white cubic zirconia: 3mm, 4mm

    Pear cut cubic zirconia: 7*10mm, 8*13mm

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