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Earrings - Delicate Lightness A single earring weighing 2.93 grams, with dimensions of 9*30mm and a thickness of 5mm. Exquisitely designed, it is lightweight yet delicately crafted, adding a unique touch of elegance to your ears.

Necklace - Dreamy Blue Elegance 17 inches in length, with a total weight of 50.47 grams. The necklace, adorned with a captivating blue gemstone measuring 11*36mm, exudes a profound blue hue akin to a pearl in the starry sky. It injects a dreamy blue elegance into your neckline.

Jewelry Set #41

SKU: WD041
Only 1 left in stock
  • Earrings:

    A single earring 2.93g

    Size 9*30mm, thickness 5mm



    17”, 50.47g

    blue gemstone measuring 11*36mm

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